Monday, May 4, 2009

Manual on Election Campaign Management Now Available

For those who are running in the 2010 elections, nothing beats ample preparation and precise implementation.

Eero Brillantes is author of the election manual “Election Game Changer: Strategy, Deployment, Victory”.

A winning campaign strategist and public relations specialist, Brillantes was instrumental in the victories of national and local candidates in 2007. These included a senator, several congressmen, and various local candidates.

The manual covers important topics including chapters on Rules of Engagement, Disposition of Forces, and Composing the Strategy Canvas. It also includes a workshop guide to facilitate actual campaign planning. Case studies on campaigns successfully handled by the author and an analysis of the Barack Obama presidential campaign are likewise included.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Political Communications guru Greg Garcia provided the foreword for the book.

Brillantes says that the challenge for 2010 is to find the winning formula in a playing field wherein traditional campaigns are being implemented by all.

The challenge for candidates for the next elections and beyond is to sharpen methodologies on campaign management and look for that competitive edge. Campaigns must deliver the end result and that is to win. But this is easier said than done. Victory means looking at the election exercise as a methodological step by step process. Voter registration and profiling is as important as generating and protecting the votes. It also means knowing where to essentially allocate money and people to be efficient and effective. It has become a science whether the position up for grabs is local or national.

For those who are interested in getting a copy of the manual and avail of election campaign management expertise, please get in touch with Mr. Brillantes at 09276702831, 09182974803 or email at and

About the Author

Eero took up his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Communication at the University of the Philippines (UP). He pursued his Masters Program at the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC). His experience spans 18 years as communications specialist for various non-profits and government agencies.

On the political front, he provides media relations work and strategy to a Senator, three district congressmen, four incumbent party list groups, and spokespersons of two political parties.

Eero is the chief nurturer of Mind Bullet Inc., a marketing and public relations company. He handles account management and oversees the strategic activities at the office. He is the resident wordsmith of Mind Bullet.

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