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What is public relations?

Public relations is a group of activities aimed at influencing people's attitudes about your community or attraction with the ultimate goal of getting them to vacation there.

Public relations is one "tool" in the marketing toolbox that you can use to promote yourself as a vacation destination. Advertising is another marketing tool, perhaps the best known one. A key difference between the two is that advertising is paying the media to run your message and public relations is providing your unpaid message to the media without control over it and how they run it. You must rely on the creativity and value of the information you are presenting to get the media to carry your message to the public. Successful public relations creates an extremely credible third-party endorsement.

In this section of the workbook, we'll review tips and techniques for successful public relations, including how to write a good news release, how to "pitch" information about your community or attraction to the media, and how to develop and maintain relationships with reporters. We'll also cover how to develop a public relations plan and how to use public relations in the management of a crisis or specific issue. .


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mindbullet's creative graphic artist named finalist in Toyota Art Edge Competition

Mindbullet's creative artist Achilleus Coronel and his entry Vitruvian Maiden is selected as one of the Top 20 Finalist in the Toyota Art Edge Digital Art Competition. Close to 500 entries from amateur and professional graphic artists in the country joined this event in celebration of Toyota's 20th Anniversary in the Philippines.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogs Will Change Your Business

Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up...or catch you later...


Monday, September 22, 2008

Traditional PR Still Remains Strong

Even in the wake of online media, some fundamentals hold fast.

by Steve Simon
SSPR Public Relations

About a year ago, numerous blogs were discussing the ostensible "death" of traditional PR. The dialogue centered on the idea that the competition and pressure of online media technology, like blogs, pod casts and RSS feeds, was slowly rendering this kind of PR obsolete.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

excerpt from 13 Ways to Use Your Blog to Improve Your Sales Process

The numbers don't lie. But, here's some antecdotal evidence and examples of how I have used blogs to move my sales process along.

1. Subscribers Sell Themselves.

Sometimes, by the time I talk to one of our blog subscribers, they know what they want, know why they need it and know that HubSpot provides it. They are ready to buy. These people have typically struggled for some time trying to figure all this stuff out on their own, they've paid expensive consultants to do it for them; and/or they've struggled hobbling together a bunch of expensive solutions to accomplish the same thing HubSpot provides in one integrated marketing platform. These educated buyers have spent their time reading through the HubSpot website, reading and commenting on our blog posts, attending our internet marketing webinars, downloading our internet marketing kit and reading our online marketing case studies. Then, they usually request an internet marketing review of their website.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Targeting Filipino-Americans to go Obama-Biden

Understanding the election mindset of Filipino Americans, thoughts for the Obama-Biden Ticket.

As the US presidential elections enter fever pitch, let me share some thoughts on how to target the four million Filipino-American (FILAM) voters.
Apart from the usual demographic profiling of this voting constituency, there needs to be a concrete grounding on deeply rooted Filipino psychology and how it plays into the electoral arena.

First and foremost is to understand America from the point of view of immigrant Filipinos.
A lot of the immigrants entered the United States and worked 2 to 3 jobs. The impetus for this is a zealous commitment to succeed and help relatives at home. Usually, when these folks go home to the Philippines, they try to project themselves as success stories despite the hardships experienced in the US. There has to be a real affirmation on the part of the Democratic Party and its standard bearers OBama and Bidden that FILAMS are a positive economic and political force. In other words, a pat on the back and showing that the Democratic Party cares in specific and not in superficial terms would endear the immigrants. Moreso, since majority of FILAM immigrants are Catholic, they frame their life experiences as part of their journey towards physical and spiritual salvation. For them, the United States represents the promised land and salvation and deliverance of the hardships of their lives in the Philippines.

Second is to leverage the value system of immigrants in targeting succeeding generations of FILAMS. Succeeding generations of FILAMS, or those who are born in the U.S. are already acclimatized along American values and for all intent and purposes are mainstream Americans already. The core message for succeeding generations of FILAMS is that the Democratic Party by and large is the political party cognizant of the immense contribution of immigrants to the country’s wealth and power. Emphasis is to be given on a long track record of making sure that immigrants benefit from a strong educational, health care, and welfare system that empowers FILAMS to be productive citizens.

Third is to send a clear message of doing concrete steps for the betterment of Philippines.
The Veterans bill is a start, although it is not as compelling as it was once before. Simply put, a lot of the veterans of world war 2 have died and the base of support is dwindling. A more compelling argument for the Obama-Bidden ticket is to help bring actual peace to the Philippines, a strong commitment parallel to what it is doing to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. There must also be a strong push to empower the Armed Forces of the Philippines. An increase in Aid and Investments with an end in view of having a strong economic and development alliance between the two countries envied by others in the region but be put forth. Nothing excites FILAMS more than seeing the motherland again becoming a strong political, economic, and military ally of the US. The operative word is “Decisiveness”. FILAMS needs to feel that the Philippines is at the center of the South East Asia or even the Asian stage as a major power. In other words, the Philippines must be part of the Obama-Bidden dinner table.

Fourth is to appeal to the Filipinos in the Philippines to ask their relatives in the States to vote Obama-Biden.
Nothing beats direct appeal to the locals in the Philippines to endorse an Obama-Bidden ticket to the ones in the States. The strong ties that bind Filipinos across the continents is the very foundation of support that moves the diaspora forward. Information Technology like text messaging, phone calls, e-mails, would be the main driver of communication. Folks from both countries are now conversing everyday through text and email. The use of media outlets in the Philippines to place ads on what the Obama-Biden ticket will do for the Philippines and FILAMS and an appeal to locals to get in touch with their loved ones in the States is a compelling methodology. There are media outlets in the Philippines and in the States which specifically reach the FILAM audience. The operative word for this methodology is “personalize”. The Obama-Biden ticket must be part of the FILAM dinner table. On a practical note, US citizens in the Philippines, numbering around 200,000 still has to see the Democratic Party reaching out to them.

In a closely contested match between the Republicans and Democrats for the white house, the need for personalized micro-targeting will have a big sway on the turnout. Florida, California, and Nevada, all swing states, all with a sprawling mass of FILAMS.

Eero Brillantes

Saturday, August 30, 2008

UP Mass Comm holds alumni homecoming on September 27

Are you a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication (CMC)?

Do you want to make money from (or just simply share) your old memorabilia? Do you want to hook up with old friends? Do you intend to know the answer to bugging questions like who among your classmates still loves you after all these years?

The UP CMC will hold a grand alumni homecoming titled
UP Mass Comm and You: Photographs and Memories atbp.
on September 27 (Saturday), 1 p.m. at the CMC Plaridel Hall in Diliman, Quezon City.

Special prizes await those who will bring interesting CMC memorabilia like old class cards, papers and blue books of CMC courses taken, as well as Form 5s, graded papers, course syllabus, student ID and library borrower’s card, among others.

There will also be a variety program showcasing the talent of CMC students and alumni.

If you want to bring back memories of your academic pursuits in the college (as well as ensure that your secrets will remain hidden!), the CMC will be selling to you for P1,000 your “student record jacket” consisting of your form 5s (admin copy), dropping slips, requests for reconsideration and other documents related to your stay of four years (or more) in the college. Please note that you can only buy your own student record jacket, not your classmates’.

The college will also have an exhibition area for any collection of objects you may want to share.

For details, please contact Dr. Arminda V. Santiago at (632) 920-6867 / (632) 920-6863 or Ms. Katkat Ramos / Ms. Chrissie Macaraig of UP CMC at (632) 920-6864 or email /

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tornado in Los Banos, Laguna

A tornado formed in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines on 14 August 2008 around 4 to 5 in the afternoon. Heavy clouds were present in that afternoon then residents observed a twister forming. Trees are uprooted and buildings are destroyed. When the tornado dispersed, Los Banos was wrapped with heavy rains with strong winds.


Manay Gina De Venecia, life counselor, radio drama producer, and wife of former speaker Jose Devencia Jr., walks on the mild side by launching her blog,

The blog focuses on issues pertaining to women, family, love and life. She describes herself as a "Quintessential Filipina", and gives advice on a range of issues considered essential in the course of a woman's life. She also showcases her advocacies and activities, especially the Haven for Women, Haven for Children, and the Ina Foundation.

In her daily blog work, she posts quotable quotes she finds on the internet which appeals to her sensitivities. These include quotes for mothers, children, prayers on peace and understanding, and faith.

Comments and quotes have been pouring in, mostly about musings of everyday struggle of people
, Says Eero Brillantes, who developed the creative and technical content for the blog of Manay Gina.
If you would read the comments on the blog, you can see the potential for a powerful outlet to propagate hope. Tagos sa puso ang mga naka post. So much emotion is involved. All of us try so hard to find our patch of good earth.

Of particular interest to a lot of her blog visitors is the post on the "Miracle of the Shoes" which talks about the loss of a loved one. The De Venecias lost a daughter to a fire accident at their home.

A blog post from a certain Maria Isabelle had this to say:
Losing a loved one is never easy. My Mom once told me that there is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a child. She said it with tears in her eyes. My Mom, like you, is a strong woman. She lost twins about two decades ago..And like you, she turned to the Lord and prayed for her two prayed for her two boys…I cried with you and your family. KC and I are of the same age and I felt you pain when I saw the footage on TV. Looking back, I see that you have come a long way from the shocked parent I saw. What I see now is a strong woman who believes that her beloved daughter is at peace with the Lord.
Pairs of shoes are amazing. In your case, it is more than amazing. It is miraculous. Keep praying.

Another post comes for a certain Ann Margaret and tells of her own life and death experiences as her comment:

As I read Manay Gina's blog on "Miracle of Shoes," I felt the void inside my heart like her because I also lost my grandmother. It was so hard to accept that she's gone because I don't have enough courage and strength to endure the pain of losing her. Her death was so sudden. But it would still take a life time for me to say "I'm ok." Her blog really touched my heart; it is very sentimental. I burst into tears while reading it. Losing someone we love is never simple; it would crash our hearts into million pieces, feeling as if the world is on your back. Though we cry so hard, it would never bring them back to life. Yes, I also believe that prayers are the best way to ease the hurt, because through prayers we can talk to them solemnly and in peace. Prayers are the best channel to communicate with God and to the soul of our departed ones. It would also help their soul to find their way to heaven. Let's face the fact that they left us because they are now in the arms of God. Just be strong and have faith. Because everything happens for a reason.

Manay Gina also writes on life learnings from her interaction with Former President Corazon Aquino, who she fondly calls "Tita Cory".She says that
To the world, she (Cory) will always be the symbol of a bloodless revolution. To me, she will always be my Tita Cory -- a role model in integrity, the glow of reason in times of darkness, and someone who finds strength and perseverance in prayer. I believe the Lord has blessed Tita Cory with the gift of His peace — an inner tranquility that calms the heart and soothes the soul.

The blog also features her own showbiz activities and in the process incites comments on the importance of her work in the field. "Nagmamahal, Manay Gina" has so far garnered two Catholic Mass Media Awards. Says Enzo Emmanuel,
Showbusiness has become a tool of influence and change in society. because information is given at the same time as entertainment, the messages can easily get across. Manay Gina has used this to promote her advocacy which made a difference and lots of troubled women were given help

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nacionalista Party Stand on Cha Cha

Press Release: Nacionalista Party
From: Office of the Spokesperson

For More Info: Gilbert Remulla,
Date: August 12, 2008

NP Spokesperson Gilbert Remulla: No Amendments to the Constitution Before 2010

The Nacionalista Party, headed by Senate President Manny Villar, reiterates its commitment to policy debates on how to further develop the Constitution. It recognizes that the Constitution, being the mother law that governs the nation, must be responsive to strategic issues of national interest. It supports the initiative of Sen. Aquilino Pimentel to open the doors of debate on federalism as a pro-active course of action in bringing peace to Mindanao.

Having said that, the Party categorically opposes any move to change the Constitution before 2010 as part of peace building in Mindanao. It believes that this will further divide an already polarized society. The immediate task is to build a climate of understanding between and among stakeholders to true peace in Mindanao. And this means getting the pulse of the whole nation, sincerely involving our democratic institutions, and respecting our democratic processes and laws.

The peace in Mindanao must be addressed head on if we are to move forward as a country. We hope that any initiative to bring peace to Mindanao must be done with utmost transparency and accountability. Any move to pursue a political settlement among contending parties in Mindanao under a cloak of secrecy and political maneuverings will not prosper.

This also means a commitment to a peace process that de-escalates the conflict. This starts with the immediate cessation of hostilities and veering away from a climate of fear and armed confrontation. Our ordinary brothers and sisters are the ones suffering. The displaced are already around 160,000 and still increasing. Add to this those who are being brought back to the Philippines from Sabah by Malaysian authorities, and those OFWs going home due to armed conflicts in many parts of the world.

Let us all redirect our energy towards strengthening our republic. At the end of the day, we would like to see a Philippines that is strong politically and economically. Let us strive to be a prosperous and powerful nation, worthy of respect in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. xxx

Young Generation of Politicians Barnstorms Schools, Connects with the “Internet Nation”

Press Release: August 11,2008
For more info: Eero Brillantes, 09276702831,

Young Generation of Politicians Barnstorms Schools, Connects with the “Internet Nation”

A multipartisan political group called the “Young Turks” led by Genuine Opposition Spokesperson and Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila President Atty. Adel Tamano has started to go the rounds of colleges and universities all over the country. Tamano, along with other young political personalities Nacionalista Party spokesperson and former congressman Gilbert Remulla, Ateneo English Professor Danton Remoto, Congressman Erin Tanada, Congressman TG Guingona and San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito are doing the rounds of campuses advocating for youth involvement in governance.

The kick-off started at Silliman University in Dumaguete City last July 10-11, 2008. Tamano described the event. “The bright students of Silliman University asked questions and we tried to answer them with substance and with style, with wit and cheer and laughter intact. It is because their questions seemed to deal with lack of hope, of being betrayed by their leaders, of abandonment. I hope we kept the spark plug of hope alive. We spoke in a chapel, a presentation room for business students, and the great church — all in one day. We hope the Sillimanians had a grand time, the way we did too, in our first campus tour.”

Eero Brillantes, CEO of Mindbullet Marketing and Public Relations, who maintains the young turk’s blog, says that the blog has become hyperactive after the Silliman activity. Based on site metering, he noted interest in what the group has to say. “The blog has just recently been put up. Yet it has already been visited almost 10,000 times. It is currently ranked number 13 for politics and government by Its just one notch lower than the “Mar Roxas for President 2010 blog which is at number 12. The blog definitely has momentum. With the campus tour catching fire, the blog is poised to be a prominent fixture in new politics for the country. The Young Turks and the Internet Nation has become properly introduced.”

For his part, Remoto was upbeat about the launch and how the internet was able to disseminate the event exponentially. “Skycable showed the complete proceedings that night of July 10, and we also had coverage from two radio stations, two newspapers and the Sillimanian college paper as well as its website. Not to mention the many blogs of the bagets from Silliman, which are now being read and re-sent and re-read all over the borderless world of cyberspace. “

Moreover, Congressman Tanada emphasized the need for dialogue between the young batch of political leaders and the youth. He said that it is important for the youth not to lose hope and for them to assert their rights. Remulla asserted that there is still hope and it resides in the youth, and the young generation should not be afraid to stand for what they believe in.

On August 26, 2008, the Young Turks will visit the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance from 1-5 p.m. This will be followed by a tour to University of the Philippines at Los Banos in September. xxx

Monday, August 11, 2008

Audience research

The audience is the receiving end of any message that we want convey. Any product, advocacy, endorsement, activity or message that need to be promoted and sold has its own set of audience. The behavior of audience can only be predicted through an intensive, methodogical, objective and scientific research. To get help in doing audience research, its theory and practice should be studied both in the theoretical and practical perspectives.

Ratings Analysis: The Theory and Practice of Audience Research written by By James G. Webster, Patricia F. Phalen, Lawrence Wilson Lichty, provides a thorough and up-to-date presentation of the ratings industry and analysis processes. It serves as a practical guide for conducting audience research, offering readers the tools for becoming informed and discriminating consumers of audience information, from broadcasting to cable to the World Wide Web. In its third edition, this essential volume:

  • illustrates applications of audience research in advertising, programming, financial analysis, and social policy;

  • describes audience research data and summarizes the history of audience measurement, the research methods most often used, and the kinds of ratings research products currently available; and

  • discusses the analysis of audience data by offering a framework within which to understand mass media audiences and by focusing specifically to the analysis of ratings data.

  • Appropriate for all readers needing an in-depth understanding of audience research, including people working in advertising, electronic media, and related industries, Ratings Analysis also has much to offer academics, critics, policy-makers, and students of mass media.

    Taken from google books

    You may buy this book from

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    Seven Great PR Tips for Winning Press Coverage

    by: Robert Deigh

    Reporters are always looking for compelling stories. You can help them and, at the same time, win press coverage for your products, services, organization or cause. Every organization, including yours, has newsworthy information. Sometimes you just have to dig a bit to get to it. Here are seven suggestions that will help you find the stories within your organization that you can pitch to get positive press attention and boost your public relations:

    1) Identify trends in your industry - use your organization/product/issue as an example of a trend -- and pitch them as story ideas to the magazines, newsletters and Web sites your customers and prospects read.

    click here to continue reading...

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Why "do you use social media?" is the wrong question for marketers to ask

    Have you noticed there are a bunch of polls and research reports that ask people questions such as "Do you read blogs?" or "Do you use social media?" or "Do you go to video sharing sites?" Often the resulting data show rather small use compared to those who, say, use search engines or email.

    From the perspective of the value of social media in an organization's overall marketing and PR efforts, this data is misleading and dangerous. Why? Because the data is used by social-media-resistant executives to justify sticking exclusively to the methods that worked decades ago like image advertising, direct mail, and the yellow pages. I frequently hear CEOs, CFOs, and VPs of marketing say things like: "See, social media is not important, so we won't do it here. It is a waste of time." Other people say: "I don't read blogs, so how important are they?"

    Click here and continue reading...

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    How well do you know your buyer personas?

    If you've read my book The New Rules of Marketing & PR or spent time on my blog, you may recall that I stress the importance of "buyer personas." In fact, I believe they're one of the most fundamental aspects of great marketing. A buyer persona is distinct group potential customers, an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach.

    Click this and continue reading...

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Selecting a PR Program

    To determine the types of public relations programs that are right for your business, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

    Your company’s goals and budget will determine which public relations programs most suited to your company. Do your homework first:

    * Evaluate your business goals: Are you a local, regional, national, or international business?


    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    Top Ten Ways to Communicate @ Workat Image Are You Projecting

    by: Carwin Dover

    Whenever I ask people in a work setting, "What would improve work, profits and customer service the most where you work?" the answer is almost always "Better communication!"

    Once the problem is noted, the next question is, "What are some effective ways to improve communication without breaking the bank?" Workshops on communication might be the place to start, but the long term answer is the day to day simple stuff. Many of the most effective ways to improve communication cost very little and require very little time on the part of anyone.

    The suggestions below can be done by just about anyone from the janitor on down to the CEO. Check out the February 4, 2002 edition of Fortune for some real life examples in their list of "100 Best Companies to Work For." (Their dangling participle, not mine!)

    Top Ten Ways to Communicate @ Work Effectively!

    ONE: Learn How to "Read" People. Anyone who has read the newsletter, "Communication @ Work!" over the last several months has become a little familiar with the DiSC Personal Profile System®. I like the DiSC because it is easy to learn and an effective tool for learning how to "read" people. When you know what motivates individuals, you can respond to them effectively and efficiently.


    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Things to Avoid When Distributing a Press Release

    by Kim Lance, Web Marketing Specialist for JTV

    Once you have carefully developed a press release for your website, it is important that you distribute it with hopes of receiving the best possible response from the press. The last thing you want to do is get on the bad side of a member of the press. There are some procedures you should pay attention to when sending a press release to a press contact.

    1) Always Spell the Contact’s Name Correctly
    First, avoid misspelling the contact’s name. When distributing your press release to an individual member of the press, always make sure the name and title of the person to whom you are sending your release is correct.


    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    How to Gain Market Positioning

    By Michele Connors

    The key to gaining market positioning is through brand differentiation and increased exposure. In order to gain market position against your competitors, you must accomplish brand differentiation first. This will separate you from the competition and clearly define who you are in the eyes of your potential target market. Brand differentiation could be achieved through logo and design development, creative in-store visuals, customer perception (high end vs. mass market), pricing, target marketing demographics and selecting effective marketing vehicles.The second step, to increase brand exposure, should be taken only when brand differentiation is accomplished. Increasing your brand exposure is achieved by increasing your advertising, marketing and promotions schedule. This can include public relations.

    Things You’ll Need:

    * Corporate identity
    * Marketing materials: in-store POP, printed collateral
    * Print advertisement
    * Press Release

    How to Gain Market Positioning-Brand Differeniation


    Research your competition's logo and design package. Does your design package stand out from the competition? Make sure the colors and style fit your brand's identity. The logo and design will be the face you put forth to potential customers, so make sure the tone and colors fit. For example, a casual restaurant should have a friendly font with primary colors versus a more fine dining restaurant with a more formal design aesthetic and scripted font and mature muted colors.


    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    The Rise and Rise of Article PR: What are the Implications?

    Article printed from SiteProNews:
    HTML version available at:

    The Rise and Rise of Article PR: What are the Implications?
    By Glenn Murray | SEO Copywriter (
    & Article PR Specialist ( (c) 2006

    Already a very popular method of achieving a high search engine
    ranking, article PR (aka article submission) has now entered the
    mainstream. As such, its popularity is increasing at a dramatic
    rate. While this is great for SEO copywriters like myself, there
    are some side-effects that need to be addressed if article PR is
    going to remain a viable search engine ranking technique. This
    article discusses some of those side-effects, along with how
    they might be addressed.


    Monday, July 7, 2008

    PR Tips For Startups: How To Get And Keep The Media Attention

    by Alex

    just an more here...

    Hire a PR Firm

    This may come as a surprise, but you do need a PR firm. An early stage startup can’t really afford one, but it does not mean that it is not necessary. The number one reason you need a PR firm is because of their connections. They know people, because this is what they do - network.

    You do not really know people and if you hope that you will just email them and they will reply - it is a false hope. It is very tough to get people to answer cold emails these days. Going through a friend or a connection is always easier, it almost always works, but direct email almost never works. This is where having PR firm pays off, they come with a Rolodex (nowadays called LinkedIn). But there are, of course, a whole bunch of issues.

    Thursday, July 3, 2008

    How to Communicate More Effectively

    Be sure to apply the three fundamental rules test.

    by Dr. Thomas Klipstine
    University of South Carolina

    A basic principle in developing any written communication is when content is developed in a user friendly format and adjusted to meet the needs of the consumer, readability increases and message effectiveness is enhanced.

    In writing for today's electronic medium, key factors in developing and formatting content can be basically boiled down to what I believe are three fundamental principles or rules for electronic content. If these rules are followed and applied to material developed for electronic distribution, content will become user friendly and messages will be more effective. Based on various usability studies and writing research my three rules are:

    The Three Fundamental Rules:


    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Gobbledygook banned by English and Welsh local authorities

    Valerie Conyngham points us to a fascinating story.

    The Local Government Association (LGA), an association of English and Welsh local authorities representing over 50 million people, has told local government officials to ditch meaningless jargon.

    According to an article in The Telegraph, the LGA has sent a list to Town Halls of 100 words and phrases that should be avoided. The list includes "empowerment," "synergies," "revenue stream," "sustainable communities," and "stakeholders."


    Monday, June 30, 2008

    Do not read this blog post

    So you're reading this post, huh? Kind of a compelling title, isn’t it?

    Why is that?


    I have strong evidence that "negative" Web headlines and links often generate lots more clicks than "positive" ones. For example, my Worst Practices blog category gets more clicks than any other category on this blog.

    Several years ago I worked on a site where we included a link "For Executives Only" and this generated more traffic than other links. It turns out people react to negatives. Words like "Worst", "Not", "Don't", and "Only" are interesting and people want to know what’s there.


    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Grade your press release (for free!)

    HubSpot's Press Release Grader is a free application that evaluates your press release and provides a "marketing effectiveness score". The score is based on the language and content of the release, plus advanced factors from Internet marketing experts at HubSpot such as links and search engine optimization characteristics.

    Wow. This is such an awesome tool. You’re hearing about it here first, but my guess is that this will become a popular little application in PR circles.


    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Facebook and YouTube blocked by paranoid corporations at their own peril

    I've had an opportunity to casually explore the attitudes of hundreds of large and small companies whose employees attend my full-day New Rules of Marketing seminar and my keynote speeches. In my very unscientific questioning, my guess is that about 25% of companies block employee access to YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

    Twenty-five percent block access!

    That is a huge number of companies that are putting their organizations at a disadvantage.

    I can't tell you the names of the nanny-state dinosaurs. But you'd be amazed at some of the big names that are too scared to let people into the world of social media.

    One company I can talk about is on the other side. IBM is on the forefront of embracing employee use of social media (more on IBM later in this post).


    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Public Relations Handbook (Media Practice)

    by Alison Theaker (Author)
    Book Description

    The Public Relations Handbook is a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the theories and practices of the public relations industry. Tracing the history and development of public relations, it explores ethical issues which affect the industry, examines its relationship with politics, lobbying organisations and journalism, assess its professionalism and regulation and advises on training and entry into the profession. The Public Relations Handbook combines theoretical and organisational frameworks for studying PR with examples of how the industry works in practice. It draws on a range of promotional strategies and campaigns from businesses and charities, including Railtrack, Voice of the Listener and Viewer, Marks and Spencer, the Metropolitan Police, the Prince's Trust, Daewoo cars and the NSPCC. The Public Relations Handbook includes: * interviews with press officers and PR agents about their working practices * case-studies, examples, press releases and illustrations from a range of campaigns from multinational corporations, local government and charities * specialist chapters on financial public relations, business ethics, online promotion and the challenges of new technology * over twenty illustrations from recent PR campaigns.


    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    Weblogs: A curent trend in Public Relations

    Public Relations as an industry has a long history of evolution , this industry has had to constantly reinvent itself to keep up with the fast changing times. In contemporary times where the world is at the threshold of a digital age, there have been massive changes in the way human beings communicate. The bounds of geography, culture and nationality no longer hold true and the world is turning into a global village. In this fast changing world , it is information and communication that hold the key to success. Organizations across every industry and geography recognize the importance of effective communications. Along with the traditional PR strongholds of analyst and media relations, disciplines such as internal communications are now becoming increasingly important as a core requisite for successful business operations. (Murphy, 2005, Public Relations is primarily concerned with establishing effective communication between organizations and individuals or companies and their audience.

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    Tamano thanks Erap for inclusion in list of 2010 bets

    From The Daily Tribune online-06/10/2008

    Genuine Opposition (GO) spokesman Adel Tamano yesterday thanked deposed President Joseph Estrada for including him in a shortlist of personalities United Opposition (UNO) has come up for its choices to filed in the 2010 senatorial elections, saying such a practical endorsement by the ousted leader would definitely boost one’s candidacy.

    Tamano, who is also the president of the Pamantasang Lungsod ng Manila, is the son of former Sen. Mamintal Tamano.

    He though said he has yet to decide if he will throw his hat into the 2010 senatorial “ring” as he is still mulling over his options for the future, including if he will remain as the opposition’s spokesman.

    “I am very fortunate to have President Joseph Estrada’s support. His popularity with the masa (masses) will be a deciding factor in 2010,” he said.

    Tamano reportedly was picked by Estrada to be included in a shortlist of probable candidates for UNO over his “unblemished” record.

    Aside from Tamano, others in the list include former Sen. Sergio Osmeña III, who served as the campaign manager for GO during the last senatorial elections; Bukidnon province Rep. Teofisto Guingona III, Iloilo province Rep. Rolex Suplico, broadcaster and former Leyte province Rep. Ted Failon and Parañaque City Rep. Roilo Golez.

    Tamano said a strong Muslim candidate is needed to be able to implement reforms that would be beneficial for Muslims in the country.

    “While I personally have yet to decide, 2010 still being far away, President Estrada’s support for a Muslim candidate is a very positive signal to Filipino Muslims who have not had a representative in the Senate for a over a decade,” he said.

    Estrada said he has chosen the personalities based on their “clean” record. He said since the opposition stands against corruption in government, it is important for its candidates to be not involved in any anomalies in public service.

    Jason Faustino

    Originally posted in

    Friday, June 6, 2008

    Encyclopedia of Public Relations (Hardcover)

    by Robert Lawrence Heath

    The two-volume Encyclopedia of Public Relations, arranged alphabetically, contains nearly 450 entries spanning all aspects of the public relations field - from theory and practice to history, including the great, famous and infamous practitioners. With contributions from internationally recognized professors, scholars and practitioners, this encyclopedia will be a must-have for any library with collections in business, management, communication and journalism. It provides students, scholars and educated lay readers with a sound, insightful and appreciative view of what public relations is and does as well as the ethical challenges it must meet to be seen as a positive force in society.Topics Covered: - Crisis Communication and Management - Cyberspace - Ethics - Global Public Relations - Groups - History - Jargon - Management - Media - News - Organizations - Practitioners - Relations - Reports - Research and Analysis - Theories and Models Advisory Board Elizabeth L Toth, Syracuse University John Madsen, Rock Island, Illinois Dean Kruckeberg, University of Northern Iowa Kirk Hallahan, Colorado State University Timothy Coombs, Eastern Illinois University Shannon A Bowen, University of Houston A A (Betteke) van Ruler, Free University, Amsterdam Kathleen S Kelly, University of Florida


    Wednesday, June 4, 2008

    Websites are investments

    Mind Bullet wants to share some inputs on website creation and use.

    Nowadays, a website is more than your ordinary communication tool. From your online brochure, it has evolved into - a diary, a corporate portfolio, your mall and supermarket, a library, a photo album, your newspaper, your TV, your watch, your comics, your best friend, you source of income . . . websites are tools beyond communication, socialization, entertainment and income.

    For ordinary users, a website still, is a source of ordinary information. Questions on what to do with a website is crucial for those who invested on it.

    Why invest in one?

    Three reasons:

    First, the web is a global directory. The once very useful yellowpages is obsolete. Nowadays, people search in the web for services. A company with internet visibility is necessary for them to be searched in the global directory. Of course there are content optimization that has to be done to have good visibility.

    Second, websites are more affordable than TV or radio ads. Products such as cigarettes are prohibited to advertise either in print or broadcast. Websites can be the main tool -- and not your alternative. Websites are probably the best emerging marketing tool nowadays. One click and you can tell the whole about your product or your services.

    Third, a website, can also be your ticket to new investors or donors. This tip is usually not taken into account. For foundations or non-government sectors, having a website rich with information of your accomplishments, activities, mission-vision and of course contact details, can be possibly clinch you with donors. At the same time, donors, use website to explain to the world where their investments go.

    Website: your identity
    A website is your face. It can show what your company can bring - the quality of outputs, the expertise of people and your own competence. A well-made website which is basically user-friendly, attractive, streamlined and loads fast, brings out your identity. If your website works well, then it can be an indication that the company works well too. It can be said that the rigor of website creation and the careful implementation of output and services are quite synonymous.

    Those who should project clear identities - such as those in politics, in advocacy and even schools, should have websites for them to be identified and known. Sometimes, websites can be a tool for branding and creating identities.

    Net users: The new critical mass
    Net users' opinion are important in decision and policy making. The net users is the new critical mass. Opinions, facts, feelings, ideologies are now transparent and can be read in blogs, websites, social networking sites, etc. The net users themselves is one sector with a voice - they can form a concensus whether or not they are in the same physical territory.

    The new era of no-boundaries was made possible by the internet. Now, physical territories have been broken - and thus, more perspectives rise, relate, communicate - they can fight, argue, rebuke, rebutt, mesh, cooperate -- bringing new insights to issues and everyday conversations.

    It is your window to this global trend. A spot to show who you are, what you can do, where you can be.

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    Mind Bullet Pick of the Week: Patricia J. Parsons: Ethics in Public Relations: A Guide to Best Practice

    For this week, Mind Bullet introduces the book by Patricia J. Parsons on Ethics on Public Relations: A Guide to Best Practice. Found through Amazon, the book by Prof. Parsons provides a
    framework for understanding important ethical issues in public relations and corporate communications now and in the future to help develop an attitude that supports the concept that ethics are key to professionalism and credibility in the field to assist in everyday ethical decision-making. Written by a leading academic in the field, this practical and engaging title is a must-have for any public relations practitioner or student who wants a framework that relates underlying ethical theories to everyday issues

    Prof. Patricia Parsons is a Public Relations professor and a past chairman of the Bachelor of Public Relations degree program at Mount Saint Vincent University. For more information about the author, you may visit her Linked In Profile


    Kahlil Gibran and Work

    (photo is from Gibson books )

    To keep ourselves sane in this stressful world, we should always have a moment for ourselves. The internet, a rich fabric of information, is the best source of various materials to keep us grounded, inspired and energized. Mind Bullet shares with you a site on the written works of Kahlil Gibran. Kahlil Gibran, the author of the book, The Prophet, The Madman shares inspiring tips and concepts on simple everyday things.

    Here is a bit of what Kahlil Gibran says about work.

    On Work

    Then a ploughman said, "Speak to us of Work." And he answered, saying:

    You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life's procession, that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite. When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison?

    Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. But I say to you that when you work you fulfil a part of earth's furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born,
    And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life,
    And to love life through labour is to be intimate with life's inmost secret. But if you in your pain call birth an affliction and the support of the flesh a curse written upon your brow, then I answer that naught but the sweat of your brow shall wash away that which is written.

    For more of Kahlil Gibran's work, you may visit

    Kahlil Gibran
    The Madman
    His Parables and Poems

    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Mind Bullet's Find of the Week: WARC

    For those who do research in advertising, marketing, public relations, new media etc., this website provides various research studies on all aspects of the field. The World Advertising Research Center ( website updated information on the recent trends in the field of advertising, marketing and PR -- through real life case studies, best practices, research and conferences.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Deconstructing Public Relations: Public Relations Criticism (LEA Communication): Public Relations Criticism (LEA Communication) (Paperback)

    Utilizing case studies from public relations, advertising and marketing to illustrate deconstruction and analysis of public relations campaigns, this volume provides a critical look at public relations practice. The author applies the cultural studies approach and explains how it can be used as a critical theory for public relations practice. He concentrates on looking at the material text of a campaign; therefore, the text will become the focus of deconstructing. This book seeks to reflect the work of French philosopher Jacques Derrida who proposes that one deconstructs a text as a way of examining the ideas proposed in the text. Thus, the work of deconstruction can become a critical reflection on public relations work. The book questions the purpose of a particular public relations project - whether employee communications, government lobbying, community relations, crisis communication, or product promotion. Looking at the point of view in the campaign, it examines the data or evidence for that point of view, as well as the assumptions of that view.


    Monday, May 12, 2008

    Know the power of de-positioning

    Moving your company forward is one thing. But holding back the competition is quite another. In the impulsive markets of the Internet space, today's tech marketers are expected to do more than just position, brand and promote. Added to the mix is a new imperative to de-position. It's about pushing your competitors away, not necessarily removing - and by no means letting them follow.

    Without explanation, journalists may cast de-positioning as a betrayal by "fair-minded" PR sources. Traditional marketers may dismiss it as simple bashing. In Europe, where gentility rules, it could surely be shunned. The idea of moving publicly against a competitor, however useful it may be, is still often seen as guerilla marketing or trench warfare. It's often viewed as an illegitimate or even unethical means of creating difference and gaining marketshare.

    But so much of what we market in technology is legitimately new, making the products and services we push naturally more marketable. So, for us, the rules must change. To win, tech marketers must play a more clever game of positioning and de-positioning to achieve competitive advantage.

    What are the rules in de-positioning? They are just emerging, but here are a few guides:

    A. It's about gaining and holding relative position. De-positioning is about driving a wedge creating distance - between you and your rivals. Though an improving level of recall or credibility is helpful, it does nothing to stop competitors from doing the same. Imagine, for instance, that your company achieved a four-fold increase in some measure of notoriety. By most standards, that would be a big win. But suppose your competitor chalked up a five-fold increase? Then what have you got?


    Tuesday, May 6, 2008


    Cong. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III
    Kinatawan ng Ikalawang Distrito ng Bukidnon
    Ika-6 ng Mayo 2008

    Si Andres at si Selya ay mag-asawa. Iisa ang kanilang anak, si Tomas. Maagang nabiyuda si Selya. Bago mamatay ang asawang si Andres, ibinilin nito sa nakatatandang kapatid na si Max ang pamamahala sa kanilang palayan at sa pondong naipon niya. Nangako si Max na tutuparin niya ang hiling ng kaniyang kapatid.

    Ngunit kalilibing pa lamang ni Andres, pinabayaan na ni Max sina Selya at Tomas. Siya ay naging mabisyo at lasenggo. Ang sakahan ay tuluyang pinabayaan. Mabuti na lamang at masipag si Tomas. Siya na ang nag-asikaso sa kanilang sakahan kahit labinlimang taong gulang pa lamang siya nang mamatay ang kaniyang ama. Hindi madaling isaka ang palayan ni Andres. Wala itong irigasyon, kung kaya dalawang beses lang sa isang taon nakakapagtanim si Tomas. Kapag minalas-malas pa, isang beses lamang. Hindi lang iyon, mula sa kanilang sakahan, walang matinong daan patungong hi-way. Sampung kilometro ang layo ng hi-way. Matindi ang pagsasakripisyo ni Tomas.

    Si Max naman ay pabigat kina Selya at Tomas. Bigla na lang itong magpapakita na may bitbit pang barkada, at inoobliga sina Selya at Tomas na pakainin at painumin sila. Naglalasing sila hanggang madaling araw. Perhuwisyo talaga si Max.

    “Selya, si Cheng Wu, bago kong kabarkada,” pagpapakilala ni Max.
    “Ha?!”, nagulat si Selya; hindi niya napansin na may kasama si Max.
    “Dayuhan siya, galing sa Tsina,” dagdag ni Max.

    Kinabahan si Selya nang makita niyang biglang naging seryoso ang mukha ni Max. Buo ang boses at seryoso ang tono nang sabihin niyang “A, Selya, nakapagdesisyon na ako. Mayroon kaming pinirmahang kontrata ni Cheng Wu. Uupahan niya ang sakahan ninyo. Siya na ang magtatanim ng palay at mais.Babayaran niya kayo ng upa. Ang lahat ng ani, ipadadala sa Tsina.”

    “Hanep ka talaga! Kami ang may ari ng lupa! Kami ang may karapatang magpasiya kung ano ang mabuting gawin! Hindi mo man lang kami kinonsulta bago ka nakipagpirmahan ng kontrata. At wala kaming parte sa ani. Makatarungan ba ‘yan?” mapaklang bigkas ni Selya.

    “Kapag pumayag kami diyan sa kontrata, sigurado bang magkakaroon ng trabaho si Tomas? Sapat ba at makatarungan ang kaniyang kikitain?” usisa pa ni Selya.

    “Wala kaming pinag-usapang ganyan. Pwedeng kunin ni Cheng Wu si Tomas bilang trabahante, pero pwede ring hindi. Pwede rin siyang magpasok ng ibang tao, maski na hindi Pilipino. Bahala na si Cheng Wu.” sagot ni Max.

    “At saka nga pala Selya. Kasama sa kontrata ang paggawa ng daan at kanal para sa irigasyon, mula hi-way patungo sa inyong palayan.” dagdag pa ng impaktong si Max.
    “Sino ang gagastos para sa mga yan?” tanong ni Selya.
    Huminga nang malalim si Max saka niya sinabing, “Kayo ang gagastos. Ang pondong iniwan ni Andres ang gagamitin.”

    “Nabuang ka na ba Max! Anong klaseng kontrata ‘yan? Hindi mo kami kinonsulta bago kayo nagpirmahan. Bayad sa upa lang ang makukuha namin at ang lahat ng ani, dadalhin sa Tsina. Puwede pang mawalan ng kabuhayan si Tomas. Ang pinakamatindi sa lahat, kami pa ang magbabayad sa pagpapagawa ng irigasyon at daan patungong hi-way.” ngitngit na ngitngit si Selya.

    “Ano ka ba Max! Kapatid mo si Andres! Sarili mong dugo, tinalikuran mo! Mas pinili mo pa yang dayuhang yan! Taksil ka!” tangis ni Selya.

    Maihahalintulad ang pagtataksil ni Max kay Andres sa ginawa ng ating pamahalaan nang makipagkasundo at nilagdaan ang kontratang tinatawag na China Farm Agreements. Sa mga kontratang ito, pauupahan sa mga dayuhang Tsino ang 1.4 milyong ektarya ng lupang sakahan dito sa Pilipinas.

    Ayon sa ating Saligang Batas, ipinagbabawal ang pagpapaupa sa mga dayuhan ng lupaing pag-aari ng Pilipinas, nang higit sa isang libong ektarya.

    Ang sabi nga ni Sen. Edgardo Angara sa isang hearing sa Senado noong Setyembre 24, 2007: “…there is an agreement to set aside 1.4 million in favor of these Chinese companies, in essence. …this is illegal. No corporation or group can lease more than 1,000 hectares in our country. And if you try to lease out almost 1.2 million hectares, you are committing an illegal, unconstitutional act.”

    Malinaw na walang respeto sa Saligang Batas ang administrasyon ni Gng. Gloria Arroyo. Kawawa na naman ang mga Pilipino. Inapi na naman ang Pilipinas.

    Hindi lang ‘yan. Magtatanim ang mga Tsino ng hybrid na palay at mais ngunit walang parte ang Pilipinas sa ani. Ang lahat ng ani ay ipadadala sa Tsina. Palay na itinanim sa Pilipinas, bigas na kakainin ng mga dayuhang Tsino. Ang matatanggap lang natin ay ang bayad sa pag-upa sa lupa. Nais ko lamang bigyan natin ng pansin, na ang lawak ng lupang pauupahan ni Gng. Gloria Arroyo ay katumbas ng higit sa 25 % ng ating lupang palayan. Kawawa na naman tayong mga Pilipino. Inapi na naman ang Pilipinas. Ang masakit pa, sarili nating pamahalaan, ang administrasyon ni Gng. Gloria Arroyo ang lumagda sa mga kontratang ito. At ngayon pa, kung kelan problema natin kung saan tayo kukuha ng bigas. Si Sen. Angara, ang dating secretary ng Department of Agriculture mismo ang nagbabala: “…you will divert agricultural production of 1.4 million to supply the needs of …China rather than the Philippines when the incidence of starvation and malnutrition is still rampant.”

    1.4 milyong ektarya ang tatamnan ng palay ngunit ang lahat ng ani ay ipadadala sa Tsina para kainin ng mga Tsino samantalang hirap ang Pilipinas na bumili ng bigas. Kawawa na naman tayong mga Pilipino. Inapi na naman ang Pilipinas.

    Ang isa pang dapat bigyang-pansin sa China Farm Agreements ay ang kawalang katiyakan na mga Pilipino ang kukuning manggagawa sa mga sakahan. Puwedeng-puwedeng silang maetsa-puwera. Kawawa na naman tayong mga Pilipino. Inapi na naman ang Pilipinas.

    Ang pinakamapait, ang Pilipinas ang magbabayad at gagawa ng farm-to-market roads at irigasyon ng 1.4 milyong ektaryang palayan na gagamitin ng mga dayuhang Tsino.

    Ito pa ang isang punto, hindi kinonsulta ang kahit isa man lang na mamamayang Pilipino bago nakipagkasundo at nilagdaan ng ating pamahalaan ang kontrata. Mawawalan tayo ng 1.4 milyong ektaryang lupain, mababawasan ang pinagtataniman natin ng palay ngunit hindi tayo kinonsulta ng ating sariling pamahalaan bago sila nakipagkasundo sa Tsina. Hindi lang ito labag sa ating Saligang Batas , ito ay garapalang pambabastos sa dignidad ng bawat Pilipino. Biruin niyo po, basta na lang ibinigay ang 1.4 milyong ektarya upang magkaroon ng pagkain ang mga dayuhang Tsino. Hindi man lang tayo inabisuhan. Ni ha, ni ho, wala! Basta na lamang nakipagkasundo at pumirma. Akala siguro nila, sila ang may ari ng Pilipinas. Sabi nga ng isang kanta, “Nosi, nosi balasi. Sino, sino ba sila?!?”

    Ang sabi ng Deparment of Agriculture, kailangan natin ang teknolohiya ng mga Tsino. Hindi ako naniniwala na mas magaling ang kanilang teknolohiya. Una sa lahat, narito ang IRRI o International Rice Research Institute, ang pinakauna at pinakamalaking pandaigdigang institusyon na nakatuon sa pananaliksik hinggil sa palay. Isa sa kanilang latest achievements ay ang aeorobic rice na ang kailangang tubig ay kalahati lamang ng dami ng kailangang tubig ng pangkaraniwang palay. Malaking tulong ito lalo na sa panahon ng tagtuyot, kapag malalâ ang kakapusan sa tubig. Ang isa pang achievement ay ang underwater o submarine rice na maaaring mabuhay kahit nakalubog sa tubig nang labing-pitong (17) araw. Malaking tulong ito sa mga Pilipinong magsasaka na nasa lugar na madalas bahain.

    Pangalawa, ang klima ng bansang Tsina ay temperate samantalang ang Pilipinas ay tropical. Maaaring hindi angkop ang kanilang teknolohiya para sa atin.

    Ikatlo, hybrid rice ang isinusulong ng Tsina. Alam naman nating lahat na nakasalalay sa kemikal na fertilizer ang hybrid rice. Fertilizer, na ang presyo ay hindi tumitigil sa pagtaas. Lalo lamang mababaon sa utang ang mga magsasaka at lalo lamang mapipinsala ang ating kalikasan, gaya ng ipinapakita ng marami nang pananaliksik. Panahon na upang bigyang-tuon natin ang organic farming. Ayon sa pananaliksik, nakapagbibigay ito ng aning katumbas ng siyam na metriko tonelada bawat ektarya.

    Mga kababayan, oposisyon man o administrasyon, tayong lahat ay naghahangad ng sapat na pagkain para sa lahat ng Filipino. Mas makabubuti kung ang gagawin ng pamahalaan ay ang sumusunod na hakbang upang mapataas ang produksiyon ng pagkain: Una, dagdagan ang badyet para sa farm-to-market roads at irigasyon. Kulang talaga ang pondong inilalaan para sa mga iyan. Pangalawa, kailangang pagtuunan natin ng seryosong pansin ang organic rice production, na napatunayang sagana ang ani nang hindi gumagamit ng kemikal na fertilizers na napakamamahal at nakakasira sa mga lupaing sakahan.

    Sa pagtatapos, iginigiit ko na kanselahin ni Gng. Arroyo ang China Farm Agreements. Hindi sapat ang suspensiyon lamang. Kanselahin lahat. Dahil ang suspensyon ay parang si impaktong Max na natutulog lamang. Maaari siyang gumising anumang oras upang lalo pang pahirapan sina Tomas at Selya. Hindi ang China Farm Agreements ang solusyon sa krisis sa bigas. Kitang-kita na ang mga dayuhang Tsino lamang ang makikinabang sa mga kasunduan at maagawan pa nila ng pagkain ang mga pamilyang Pilipino. Aping-api na ang mga Pilipino.

    Kinakailangang mabigyan ng sapat na pagkain ang bawat pamilyang Pilipino. Hindi dapat magdusa sina Tomas at Selya dahil sa kasakiman at kapalpakan ng administrasyon ni Gng. Arroyo. Walang Pilipino ang dapat magutom!

    Section 3, Artcile XII states: “Lands of the public domain are classified into agricultural, forest or timber, mineral lands, and national parks. Agricultural lands of the public domain may be further classified by law according to the uses which they may be devoted. Alienable lands of the public domain shall be limited to agricultural lands. Private corporations or associations may not hold such alienable lands of the public domain except by lease, for a period not exceeding twenty-five years, renewable for not more than twenty-five years, and not to exceed one thousand hectares in area. Citizens of the Philippines may lease not more than five hundred hectares, or acquire not more than twelve hectares thereof by purchase, homestead, or grant.”

    Sen. Edgardo Angara: At bottom, whether you call it a memorandum of intent, a framework, there is an agreement to set aside 1.4 million in favor of these Chinese companies, in essence. And I am glad that you are suspending it because this is illegal. No corporation or group can lease more than 1000 hectares in our country. And if you try to lease out almost 1.2 million hectares, you are committing an illegal, unconstitutional act. So, I’m glad that you halted this illegality and rethink it. There are many ways of developing our scarce land resources and Sen. Enrile is probably the expert in this country on that. xxx So I hope that you will issue a written circular among the three that this is now suspended.

    Monday, May 5, 2008

    Privatize Napocor and Electric Rates Will Be Reasonable

    Cong. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III
    2nd District, Bukidnon
    May 5, 2008

    Privatize Napocor and Electric Rates Will Be Reasonable All of us, whether Administration or Opposition, want electric rates to go down. But do you know that generation charges make up sixty percent (60%) of our total electric bill? So, if we bring down our generation charge, we will bring down our total electric bill dramatically. The solution is in implementing the EPIRA law. EPIRA mandates that by 2009, seventy percent (70%) of NPC owned or controlled electric generating capacity should be privatized[1]. One of the purposes of EPIRA was to ensure affordability of supply of electric power[2], as well as transparent and reasonable rates, through a regime of free and fair competition[3]. Today, seven (7) years after EPIRA has become a law, NAPOCOR still owns or controls seventy percent (70%) of generating capacity. Prior to EPIRA, it owned or controlled ninety-five percent (95%) of generating capacity. This means that it took them seven (7) years to privatize twenty-five percent (25%). This is obviously too slow. That is where the cause of high electric rates lies: monopolistic dominance of NAPOCOR of the generation of electricity. The evil of this monopolistic dominance is obvious. Tingnan na lang natin yung nangyari sa WESM noong Agosto 2006[4]. Itong WESM ay isang palangke, pero sa halip na pagkain ang ibinibenta, kuryente ang ipinagbibili. Nahuli ng manager ng palengke ang NAPOCOR na nagbigay ng instruksyon sa kanyang mga planta na kailangang magkasabwatan sa pagtaas ng presyo ng kuryente. Parang pumunta ka sa palengke at gusto mong bumili ng galunggong. Sa palengkeng iyon, tatlo lang ang tinderang nagbebenta ng galunggong, si Neneng, si Selya, at si Doray. Wala nang iba. Pagdating mo sa palengke, napansin mo na napakataas ang kanilang presyo at pare-pareho. Yung pala, magkapatid sila at ang kanilang ama ay si NAPOCOR. Nadiktahan sila ng kanilang ama. Ganoon din po sa kuryente, nakakadikta ang NAPOCOR ng presyo ng kuryente sapagkat ito ang may-ari o kontrolado niya ang pitumpong porsiyento (70%) nito. The solution to lower electricity rates is genuine competition amongst private generation companies in a regime of free and fair competition on a level playing field. Privatize NAPOCOR and electricity rates will be reasonable.
    [1] sec. 47-I, EPIRA [2] sec. 2-b, EPIRA [3] sec. 2-c, EPIRA [4] Market Surveillance Committee Report, dated Nov. 20, 2006, addressed to the Board of the Philippine Electric Market.

    Friday, May 2, 2008

    PR VS Advertising – PR Builds Credibility and Wins Hands Down!

    Advertising controls the message while PR does not, and because of this, PR creates credibility. Many times readers see an ad and they know that what they are reading is just overblown hype. Most readers are more likely to trust independent authorities such as reviewers, columnists, reporters or broadcasters. Without a doubt, it is these same authorities that are directly influenced by good public relations and specifically, a well-written press release.


    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    How I Gave Away 15 Minutes and Made $5700

    January 24, 2008 | Written By Mason Hipp

    a gift
    There are a lot of experts who say you should be very selfish with your time, and for the most part I agree with them. There are only 24 hours in a day (most of which aren’t billable) and between work, family, and friends there usually isn’t much left over. Oh yeah, and then there’s sleeping too. Sometimes, the thought of giving away free time seems almost preposterous.


    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Clever Advertising

    Advertisements for a job-recruiting company in Berlin , Germany depict people working in vending machines and ATMs. It delivers the message, "Life is too short for the wrong job".

    A creative ad by Mini Cooper placed at the Zurich , Switzerland train station, shows people climbing into or out of the car, when they are actually entering or exiting stairs.

    (just an interesting forwarded email...)

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Mind Bullet Inc. to train Masscomm Interns from PLM


    REFER TO: Dickson Comia

    Intern, Mind Bullet Inc.


    April 10, 2008


    Subject: Mind Bullet Inc. to train Masscomm Interns from PLM

    Mind Bullet Inc. Market Positioning and Public Relations accepted nine graduating Mass Communication students from Pamantasan ng Lungod ng Maynila this summer.

    The interns were under the supervision of Eero Brillantes and Angely Meggi Gayod, firm’s President and Event Coordinator respectively. The students’ potentials in Public Relations are being honed by Mind Bullet through engaging them into hands-on PR activities such as online marketing, news monitoring, press clipping, blogging and conceptualization of project through brainstorming and round table discussions.

    The interns are eager to learn and they are quite impressive when it comes to their writing abilities. The firm was very much willing to accept practicumers because of its compassion to communication students since its forerunners have taken communication-related courses.” said Meg Gayod.

    The students spend more than ten hours a day accomplishing Mind Bullet’s daily activities and at times they participate in discussions with the President where they are being encouraged to squeeze their creative juices to the hilt and think out of the box when it comes to their strategic planning.

    “It’s our privilege to have our practicum here in Mind Bullet, since Public Relations has been my target career path. Spending my summer here learning how PR in the real world goes like is totally worth it.” said Margaret, one of Mind Bullet’s interns.

    Mind Bullet Inc. Market Positioning and Public Relations is located in 10L Burgundy Corporate Tower in Sen Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati. #



    REFER TO: Charmaine R. Amponin

    Intern, Mind Bullet Inc.


    April 10, 2008



    Learning will never be the same for nine Mass Communication students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila as they take their summer internship program in Mind Bullet Inc., one of the country’s leading firms in market positioning and public relations.

    Mind Bullet Inc. headed by President and CEO Eero Brillantes, serves as a training ground for PLM students in enhancing their skills and competencies on the learning they have acquired from years of schooling.

    In line with this, the practicumers are given chances to perform practical PR works and fun-filled activities including live and online clipping of newspapers, blogging, monitoring of news, online marketing, writing of press releases, event planning, roundtable discussions and soon, attend workshops.

    Event Coordinator, Angely Meggi Gayod said that the company was very much willing to accept practicumers because of its compassion to communication students since most of the company’s forerunners once took the same paths in communication-related courses.

    She also added how she was impressed with the talents and skills demonstrated by the students.

    “All the interns are very eager to learn and they are very impressive when it comes to their writing skills,” she said.

    Dickson Comia, one of the practicumers said that so far, his stay in Mind Bullet Inc. has been rewarding inasmuch as it is enjoyable.

    “I am happy to have my internship in Mind Bullet Inc. because the company is providing us with practical learnings I never learned from school. Plus, the Mind Bullet people are very helpful and considerate.”

    Mind Bullet Inc. is located at Unit 10L, Burgundy Corporate Tower, 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City Philippines 1200. The company can also be reached through 856-4231 and you can visit their website at




    REFER TO: Ann Margaret N. Sumilang

    Intern, Mind Bullet Inc.


    April 10, 2008letter_foot


    The internship program of the incoming Fourth Year of the
    Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Mass Communication aims to expose their students in various fields of interest in Mass Media and practice other communication related industries to enhance their skills and to apply their learning from school. They are required to accomplish 250 hours for the internship training.

    Mind Bullet provides strategic counsel and expertise. It focuses on two core competencies: The Market Positioning and Public Relations. It is headed by the President and CEO Eero Brillantes.

    Mind Bullet Inc. trains chosen PLM Mass Communication students to develop and practice their Public Relations skills to prepare them for their future career.

    The interns are tasked to clip news (live and on- line), to blog, monitor the news from radio, print and on- line, to make press releases and to participate in brainstorming and workshop. The students are also provided with lectures to broaden their understanding and knowledge in Public Relations.

    Ms. Meg Gayod, the event coordinator of the company said that all interns were all accepted in the internship training because they are very eager to learn. All the interns are very impressive when it comes to their writing skills.

    Mr. Jearry Berg Roperos, one of the interns said that it is a privilege to be a part of Mind Bullet because this is one of the well established PR firms and to be a part of a PR firm is a great experience because it is a trend nowadays.

    Mind Bullet Inc. is not just a well established PR company but also serves as a stepping stone for the students to inculcate in their minds how PR work is done and accomplished.

    Mind Bullet Inc. is located at 10L, Burgundy Corporate Tower, 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati Contact us at 856-4231 or visit our website at