Monday, August 11, 2008

Audience research

The audience is the receiving end of any message that we want convey. Any product, advocacy, endorsement, activity or message that need to be promoted and sold has its own set of audience. The behavior of audience can only be predicted through an intensive, methodogical, objective and scientific research. To get help in doing audience research, its theory and practice should be studied both in the theoretical and practical perspectives.

Ratings Analysis: The Theory and Practice of Audience Research written by By James G. Webster, Patricia F. Phalen, Lawrence Wilson Lichty, provides a thorough and up-to-date presentation of the ratings industry and analysis processes. It serves as a practical guide for conducting audience research, offering readers the tools for becoming informed and discriminating consumers of audience information, from broadcasting to cable to the World Wide Web. In its third edition, this essential volume:

  • illustrates applications of audience research in advertising, programming, financial analysis, and social policy;

  • describes audience research data and summarizes the history of audience measurement, the research methods most often used, and the kinds of ratings research products currently available; and

  • discusses the analysis of audience data by offering a framework within which to understand mass media audiences and by focusing specifically to the analysis of ratings data.

  • Appropriate for all readers needing an in-depth understanding of audience research, including people working in advertising, electronic media, and related industries, Ratings Analysis also has much to offer academics, critics, policy-makers, and students of mass media.

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