Wednesday, September 17, 2008

excerpt from 13 Ways to Use Your Blog to Improve Your Sales Process

The numbers don't lie. But, here's some antecdotal evidence and examples of how I have used blogs to move my sales process along.

1. Subscribers Sell Themselves.

Sometimes, by the time I talk to one of our blog subscribers, they know what they want, know why they need it and know that HubSpot provides it. They are ready to buy. These people have typically struggled for some time trying to figure all this stuff out on their own, they've paid expensive consultants to do it for them; and/or they've struggled hobbling together a bunch of expensive solutions to accomplish the same thing HubSpot provides in one integrated marketing platform. These educated buyers have spent their time reading through the HubSpot website, reading and commenting on our blog posts, attending our internet marketing webinars, downloading our internet marketing kit and reading our online marketing case studies. Then, they usually request an internet marketing review of their website.


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