Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Websites are investments

Mind Bullet wants to share some inputs on website creation and use.

Nowadays, a website is more than your ordinary communication tool. From your online brochure, it has evolved into - a diary, a corporate portfolio, your mall and supermarket, a library, a photo album, your newspaper, your TV, your watch, your comics, your best friend, you source of income . . . websites are tools beyond communication, socialization, entertainment and income.

For ordinary users, a website still, is a source of ordinary information. Questions on what to do with a website is crucial for those who invested on it.

Why invest in one?

Three reasons:

First, the web is a global directory. The once very useful yellowpages is obsolete. Nowadays, people search in the web for services. A company with internet visibility is necessary for them to be searched in the global directory. Of course there are content optimization that has to be done to have good visibility.

Second, websites are more affordable than TV or radio ads. Products such as cigarettes are prohibited to advertise either in print or broadcast. Websites can be the main tool -- and not your alternative. Websites are probably the best emerging marketing tool nowadays. One click and you can tell the whole about your product or your services.

Third, a website, can also be your ticket to new investors or donors. This tip is usually not taken into account. For foundations or non-government sectors, having a website rich with information of your accomplishments, activities, mission-vision and of course contact details, can be possibly clinch you with donors. At the same time, donors, use website to explain to the world where their investments go.

Website: your identity
A website is your face. It can show what your company can bring - the quality of outputs, the expertise of people and your own competence. A well-made website which is basically user-friendly, attractive, streamlined and loads fast, brings out your identity. If your website works well, then it can be an indication that the company works well too. It can be said that the rigor of website creation and the careful implementation of output and services are quite synonymous.

Those who should project clear identities - such as those in politics, in advocacy and even schools, should have websites for them to be identified and known. Sometimes, websites can be a tool for branding and creating identities.

Net users: The new critical mass
Net users' opinion are important in decision and policy making. The net users is the new critical mass. Opinions, facts, feelings, ideologies are now transparent and can be read in blogs, websites, social networking sites, etc. The net users themselves is one sector with a voice - they can form a concensus whether or not they are in the same physical territory.

The new era of no-boundaries was made possible by the internet. Now, physical territories have been broken - and thus, more perspectives rise, relate, communicate - they can fight, argue, rebuke, rebutt, mesh, cooperate -- bringing new insights to issues and everyday conversations.

It is your window to this global trend. A spot to show who you are, what you can do, where you can be.

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