Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to Gain Market Positioning

By Michele Connors

The key to gaining market positioning is through brand differentiation and increased exposure. In order to gain market position against your competitors, you must accomplish brand differentiation first. This will separate you from the competition and clearly define who you are in the eyes of your potential target market. Brand differentiation could be achieved through logo and design development, creative in-store visuals, customer perception (high end vs. mass market), pricing, target marketing demographics and selecting effective marketing vehicles.The second step, to increase brand exposure, should be taken only when brand differentiation is accomplished. Increasing your brand exposure is achieved by increasing your advertising, marketing and promotions schedule. This can include public relations.

Things You’ll Need:

* Corporate identity
* Marketing materials: in-store POP, printed collateral
* Print advertisement
* Press Release

How to Gain Market Positioning-Brand Differeniation


Research your competition's logo and design package. Does your design package stand out from the competition? Make sure the colors and style fit your brand's identity. The logo and design will be the face you put forth to potential customers, so make sure the tone and colors fit. For example, a casual restaurant should have a friendly font with primary colors versus a more fine dining restaurant with a more formal design aesthetic and scripted font and mature muted colors.


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